Twelve Drummers Drumming

We’ve reached the twelfth and last day of Christmas! At least according to the song. And one of the most awesome gifts has now been given. The drummers show up, and it becomes a party.

You know it’s true.

On this ultimate day of the twelve days of gift-giving, I present gifts for your music lovers and your rock ‘n’ roll stars.

Twelfth Day of Christmas

The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.” ~Joan Rivers

One thought on “Twelve Drummers Drumming

  1. I feel all cool & hip now–because I got Libbey a “boom bag” for Christmas. It’s not a Marshall Power Amp, but it is covered in turquoise sequins and will blast tunes from her iPod. I hope she thinks it’s cool. If not, I’m taking it for my own. (But I want that Marshall one. Dude.)

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