Style Icon: Dita Von Teese

“I know who I am and I’ve known for a long time.”–DITA VON TEESE

It seems only fair that since my first Style Icon post was dedicated to the classic accessories of this blog’s Fairy Godmother, Coco Chanel, the second Style Icon post should go to its Spirit Animal, Dita Von Teese.

What is a Spirit Animal, you ask? Simply the person who embodies all the aspirations I have for this blog. At the risk of sounding effusive, I love her mix of classic style and sexuality. She is independent without sacrificing her womanhood. Burlesque fascinates me, as it’s all about what you conceal, not about what you reveal.

Even her accessories are not for the faint of heart. To pay homage to Dita’s style, slip on some seamed stockings, wear leopard un-ironically, put on the big girl shoes and over-the-top sparkle. The most important accessory, however, is confidence. Even fully covered up, you’ll be sexy; own it.

Style Icon: Dita Von Teese

American Apparel lace hosiery / Sheer stocking / Charlotte Russe metallic pumps / BURAK UYAN gold stiletto heels / 1928 black hair accessory / Glove / 1928 hair clip accessory

“It’s not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womanhood.”–DITA VON TEESE

Autumn Leaves

Where I live, the trees are all turning a gorgeous array of colors. Leaves are crunching underfoot, and the air is getting brisk. Winter is my favorite season, but fall has its own appeal. Last weekend I went around and took pictures of all the autumn leaves.

The autumn leaves are inspiring my accessory choices, too. I wore a vintage gold maple leaf brooch on my lapel today. Metallic leaves are the perfect autumn accessory (and if you’re in a part of the world where the seasons are flipped, they’re not bad for spring, either!).

Autumn Leaves

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus

Must Have It Now

Today I want a bright splash of blue, like the Mediterranean sea. I want the sparkle of gemstones, with an art deco twist. I want a piece that goes for day or evening.

In short, I want this Forever 21 Bejeweled Oval Pin. (Although I find it strange that the photograph on the website is missing a stone. Did no one notice this while shooting?)

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” ~George Eliot

Monday Morning Perk-Up: Coffee!

Good morning!

The worst thing about Sunday night is the looming shadow of Monday morning. The only thing that will pull me through the early morning and drag me kicking and screaming into my day is a cup of dark roast coffee filled with sweet, sweet caffeine. I know there are people who never touch the stuff, but I am a big fan of coffee in the morning.

Coffee ingested is the only way to get the actual physical wake-up call, but some cheeky coffee-themed jewelry can wake your wardrobe up. These hand-made Etsy pieces fit the bill, whether you want a literal take with a coffee cup ring, or a sly caffeine molecule necklace.

Morning Coffee

“The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., “Over the Teacups,” 1891

Style Icon: Coco Chanel

“I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J’aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.”

Thus spake Coco Chanel, the woman I’ve appointed the fairy godmother of this blog. There is something aspirational about a fairy godmother; if we look at classic fairy tales, the fairy godmother makes some sort of improvement for the heroine, giving her stylish gifts. And how could the heroine have such gifts if the fairy godmother was not the epitome of style herself? While I am not a classic Chanel suit girl, Coco herself was such a style setter and a philosopher of style that she is a worthy godmother to Bedeck.


Coco Chanel

Whether in youth or age, Coco looks almost exactly the same, with strong signature accessories. She is pictured in multiple strands of pearls and button earrings. Truly the benchmark of timeless, ageless style, a long necklace of pearls (real or fake) should be in any woman’s accessories wardrobe. I myself own a 72″ strand of faux pearls from the 1920’s. A button earring may not be your current go-to, but they can be a great evening statement, much like a cocktail ring.

Style Icon: Coco Chanel

Modern Organic Products pearl jewelry / John Lewis pearl necklace, $32 / Carolee long pearl necklace / Wet Seal button earrings / Rosantica pearl jewelry / Andrea Fohrman button earrings / Button earrings / Antique gold earrings / Rebecca gold earrings

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Win Big

Checking out the sales on some of my favorite sites, I noticed that Zulily has a sale event going right now with some fabulous rings. They have rings in all styles, but for some reason, I’m really feeling the rings with a serious Vegas vibe. Not “girls’ weekend at the Bellagio” vibe, but more like a “Big Daddy at the poker table” vibe. Big cocktail rings with a masculine edge. Cigar in one hand, full house in the other, rings on both.

Vegas, Baby

“Part of it went on gambling, and part of it went on women. The rest I spent foolishly.” George Raft

Fall Trend: Oxblood

Last fall, all I wanted was an oxblood leather jacket. Or maybe oxblood driving gloves. And I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE. The world was devoid of oxblood. People didn’t even know what oxblood means (in case you didn’t know–oxblood is a deep brownish-red color).

This fall, oxblood is ubiquitous. It was everywhere at New York Fashion Week, everywhere on the fashion blogs, and everywhere in the stores. I would not have much trouble getting my oxblood jacket this year. However, I might just be too busy trying to intuit the next fashion trend…*squints, concentrates hard on the future*

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite oxblood accessories for fall/winter 2012.


Forever 21 ostrich handbag / ASOS leather bowling bag / Bib necklace / Metal ring / Belt, $30 / Forever 21 wool hat / Maison Michel feather hair accessory, $160 / Glove

“The true color of life is the color of the body, the color of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses. It is the modest color of the unpublished blood.” –Alice Meynell